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Machine Washable Rugs




A rug that can be put in the washing machine? Yes, please!

When it comes to the little ones at home, we all look for safety, practicality and comfort. This is what you will find in the machine-washable rugs and accessories designed by Lorena Canals. They are safe - no toxic dyes, practical, cozy, natural and lightweight, so you can move them around! 


The perfect addition for bedrooms, playrooms, pet’ s areas and gardens are waiting for your cuties to enjoy, so don´t worry and let your kids get messy!

Find the style that suits you best and make your everyday life easier with these easy-to-clean rugs.

And now also discover our Lorena Canals collection of handcrafted upcycled rugs, in natural undyed cotton and a base canvas made from shredded, spun and recycled cotton rug scraps. With this we give a second life to our textile waste, achieving the goal of zero waste.


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