Frequently asked questions

FAQ Mr Maria

What payment methods are available?

The following payment methods are available: Revolut, MasterCard, PayPal, Visa, Cashlink, Cash on Delivery.

Does my product have a warranty?

All Mr Maria products have a twentyfour month warranty. Please be advised that warranty only applies when the product is handled in a normal and proper fashion as stated in the user manual. We will ask for photos of the defect to determine the case.

Can I use my product outside?

With the exception of Snuffy sitter, all products should be used inside.

Can I change the light source?

All Mr Maria lamps have replaceable light sources, determine which lightsource your design has and read how you can replace it below. 1. You have a Miffy first light, rechargeable silicone 30 cm Miffy nightlight. Please purchase a new led module. 2. You have a Mr Maria design with dimmer on the cord. Please purchase a new module (Mr Led2). You can also upgrade your lamp to operate with a Mr Maria Remote with extra functionality (sleep timer, wake-up timer) by purchasing a Replacement Kit 2.0. This includes a new led module (Mr Led8) with USB connection and a Mr Maria remote. This upgrade cannot be used for Miffy First Light. 3. You have a lamp with a Mr Maria remote. You can order a new led module.

My question is not listed

Please contact us by email at info@crabandwhale.com where we will be able to do our best to help you.