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Washable Rug Wheels

Washable Rug Wheels


A round washable rug in Natural colour cotton decorated with e-cars, a truck, a bicycle, and an electric motorcycle. All e-vehicles feature a dark red spot to symbolize the battery charger. The wheels pop out as small, dark grey cotton pom-poms. The whole surface of the rug is tufted in a soft cut-pile, except the car windows that reveal the cotton canvas base.
This rug is handmade by artisans using 100% natural cotton, and non-toxic dyes. It is machine-washable.

  • Washing Instructions

    Machine wash (capacity 6kg or more) separately using a delicate, 30ºC program without whitening.

    Use a mild detergent, and do not use softeners.

    Select low centrifuge speed if the rug has braids, fringes or pom poms. Do not leave the wet rug in the washer, as colors may run or stain.

    Tumble dry at low temperature.

    Avoid drying in the sun. Tumble Dryers make them super soft!

    Don't worry if lint appears, as this is residue fiber produced from cutting the cotton. During the first few days, it is advisable to sweep the rug with a hard brush in the direction of the plush, and then it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner. We do not recommend the use of robot vaccum cleaners.

    Should you find any long or loose threads, cut these using a pair of scissors. Never pull a thread.

    Keep away from fire.

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