The Bereber Rhombs rug stands out for its versatility and elegant ethnic style. An all-cotton washable rug that can simply be tossed in the washer when needed.


A classic Berber design that features a rhombus and herringbone pattern outlined in black cotton yarn and subtly blended into the natural undyed cotton background, all tufted over a flexible, natural cotton canvas base. The edges are finished with a strip of bare canvas, embroidered with a matching herringbone pattern, followed by a row of twisted fringes.


A timeless neutral color palette in black and white for a rug that is suited for decorating contemporary spaces, with a boho or Nordic vibe – from living rooms to bedrooms, or even as an outdoor rug, since it is an easy-care and fuss-free washable rug.


Pair your rug with a wide choice of matching accessories, such as baskets, cushions and throws.


Size : 120 x 170

Lorena Canals Washable Rug Bereber Rhombs S

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  • Size

    120 x 170






    85% cotton 15% other fibre - Base: recycled cotton

    Net Weigh

    3,40 kg

    Domestically washable: easy to wash, and can be washed in a conventional washing machine.

    Handmade:carefully handmade one by one, and in a traditional way.

    Eco-friendly: Natural cotton and nontoxic dyes.