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Up! warsaw Biplane shelf "Dashy" Wooden

Up! warsaw Biplane shelf "Dashy" Wooden


Up! Warsaw's “Dashy” has a cockpit for a beloved teddy, lots of space for all your goodnight books and of course it can take pens and exercise books on board. The crew can get in, additional luggage can be hung on the axle, and to lift off you just turn the propeller as fast as you can.


You can hang "Dashy“ always at hand and give your child a practical and full of fantasy piece of furniture. Toys “boarding” Dashy are always fun to put away.


Every piece of furniture is handmade and is individually made to order – Up! Warsaw only work with materials that are of high quality, that guarantee stability and they pay attention to every detail during production, so that the biplane shelves can fly over your walls to the end of all days…


On the back of the cockpit there are 2 holes for hanging. The fitting hooks and dowels are also enclosed.



72 cm x 29 cm x 42 cm / inches: 28.3 x 11.4 x 16.5


Dimensions of the wings:

Up – 72 cm x 15 cm / 28.3 inch x 5.9 inches, down – 66 cm x 15 cm / 26 inch x 5.9 inch



Birch-plywood 10mm/0.40 inch and ecological, non-toxic water based colour (the shelf can be normally cleaned, the colour does not fade) colour of this biplane: wooden with a white propeller

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