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Safari Wall Stickers - Complete Pack

Safari Wall Stickers - Complete Pack


Beautifully crafted wall stickers will help you create a wonderland of dreams for your little one. Create a space where your child can imagine, dream and grow.


Won't damage walls | easy to apply and reapply | beautiful fabric-like finish | PVC and Vinyl Free


About this Piece

We're going on a Safari! Get ready for an adventure in this magical animal kingdom where new friends will be discovered. Explore a world of lush green plains where gentle lions rest and baby elephants romp and play! Meet a tall gentle giraffe or watch cheeky monkeys swing through the trees. Transform your child's bedroom into an animal safari wonderland with the Safari Collection.


Large Safari Pack:


Contains Lion, Giraffe and Elephant Pack

  • 1 x Large Lion with Palm Leaves 129cm x 67cm
  • 1 x Large Giraffe 136cm x 49cm 
    • Giraffe arrives in two separate pieces. Pieces join together at base of neck.
  • 1 x Large Baby Elephant 87cm - 67cm
  • 1 x Monkey on Vines 32cm x 56cm
  • 1 x Monkey on Vines 47cm x 63cm 
  • 1 x Monkey with baby on Vines 25cm x 35cm 
  • 2 x Hot Air Balloon on Cloud 32cm x 20cm
  • 4 x Single Hot Air Balloon
  • 5 x Small Clouds
  • 12 x Grass
  • 1 x Large Round Palm 28cm - 28cm
  • 2 x Large Long Palm  17cm - 32cm
  • 1 x Small Round Palm
  • 1 x Medium Long Palm 22cm x 12cm
  • Small Elements - Leaves, Assorted Stars, Butterflies
    Expected to be shipped within 2 weeks

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