Studio Ditte duvet cover with jaguars, black panthers and tigers on a dark background. On the Studio Ditte panthera bedding you will find the characteristic heads of these hunters. These feline predators hide deep in the jungle. The panthera bedding has warm natural colors and gives the nursery a cool look. The print is razor-sharp on soft cotton. The back of the cover is made of a beautiful anthracite. Your child will dream wonderfully under this beautiful children's bed linen.


140 x 200/220 cm + pillowcase 60 x 70 cm

The duvet cover is suitable for duvets up to 220 cm long due to the double tuck-in strip over the full width. The total length of the cover, including tuck-in strip, is 240 cm.

100% cotton

Panthera duvet cover dark 140 x 220 cm