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Miffy first light

Miffy first light


In the dunes of a small village off the coast of the North Sea, lives a small bunny. This quirky little bunny named Miffy goes on all kinds of adventures with her many friends. She discovers the wonders of life, friendship and fun.


The Miffy First Light is a modern take on the original Miffy Lamp. The difference with Miffy First Light is that it is slightly smaller and stands 30 cm high, charges via USB and is soft and flexible as its made from soft Silicone so makes it extremely huggable and truly irresistible. It now means that Miffy is more adaptable and is portable, so can be used in or out the home. You can use it for story time, take it away or move it to where light is required. With being rechargeable you don't have to plug it in before bedtime, just switch it on and once charged the it will last for weeks before having to recharge again.


Sweet and serene, the miffy lamps work as nightlight for kids and adults alike. This charming lightning piece exudes a soft, warm glow perfect  for storytelling with the little ones at bedtime, or even as decorative piece for any modern interior.


First Light makes ever place feel like home, it’s the perfect traveling Miffy night light that ensures your child has a good night sleep anywhere in the world. Its also makes a wonderful gift for a new baby as it serves as a comforting light whenever they open their eyes.


The battery lasts between 8 and 120 hours, depending on the chosen brightness setting and can be recharged using the USB cable provided.



  • Made from soft silicone making it