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This is Boris, part of the 'miffy and friends' collection. Boris is a friend of Miffy and was once, like Miffy, created by Dutch illustrator Dick Bruna.


The Mr Maria Boris night light is portable and can be placed on any hard surface. The light is dimmable with 6 steps, making the night light perfect for different uses. Whether it's a nightfeed, storytime or as a safe glowing companion shining all night long. The whole family will have a better night's sleep thanks to the Boris night light, 21 centimeters tall. Take Boris along on holiday, he's rechargeable with a USB-C cable and will keep you company wherever you go.

The Boris night light is 21 centimeters tall and has a dimmable Mr Maria LED module. Boris is a wonderful life companion.


Turn the light on with the on/off button on the bottom of the lamp and use the dimmer button right next to it to choose the correct brightness.
The light is dimmable via 6 steps, including a special night mode.

The battery lasts between 8 and 120 hours, depending on the chosen brightness setting and can be recharged using the USB cable provided.



  • Made from soft silicone making it huggable
  • Uses LED Lamps - No need to purchase a separate light bulb
  • Size: 14cm(L) x 20cm(W) x 21cm(H)
  • Dimmer to soften the light
  • Charges with a USB lead 
  • Made in Holland
  • Portable so makes the perfect travel companion 

    Two buttons: on/off and dimmer button. Located on the bottom of the design.

    The battery lasts between 8 and 120 hours, depending on the chosen brightness setting.

    Charging takes a maximum of 6 hours (charging USB-C cable included).

    6 brightness/dimming settings incl. nightmode.

    High quality BPA-free soft silicone.

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